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Saddle concept


HT saddles are leathertree saddles and therefore are following a centuries-old tradition of saddle manufacturing. The strong leathertree combines the stability of a treed saddle with the flexibility of a treeless saddle. Due to the fully tree-enclosed stirrup bar and the elaborate shaping of the leather tree our leather tree saddles keep their shape even after years of usage. At the same time the leathertree is and stays flexible enough to adapt to the horse back - like a well-beloved pair of leather boots - every single day.

The position of the stirrup bar as part of the leathertree prevents the stirrup bar from causing "hot spots" as they are known from treeless saddles.

The velcro panels are made with a high quality, long-lasting velcro and find their position on the underside of the leathertree saddle. The special "trapezius-cut" makes it a lot easier for the trapezius muscle to work properly.

Well-positioned HT panels provide an outstandig clearance for shoulder, trapezius and the long back muscle. Our HT panels are made in several layers, very strong but soft and comfy to the horse back.

The HT-girthing - "Vari-girthing" - sets new standards: aiming to provide the best possible adaptability and individualisation of the fitting we designed a completely new way of girthing. It allows changes in seconds without any tools.

Ladies and riders who need more support for their seat bones can order the option "Comfort-seat". The seat is wider and has a extra soft edge between seat and flap.

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