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  • GP saddle (convertable to jumping)

  • comfy and robust

  • extra wide knee patch for a wide variation of leg positions

  • flexible knee and leg rolls

  • with HT trapezius cut panels

  • suitable for riders with long legs

Our Cali is a comfy allrounder for any ridden circumstances. he wide knee patch and the flexibly usable knee roll provide a safe and comfy seat with short and long stirrups leathers.

Our Cali can be converted to a jumping saddle by adjusting the leg rolls for even more support for your leg.
The seat is comfortably soft and supports an anatomically correct posture without restricting your freedom of movement.

Wether schooling, cavaletti-work, jumping or hacking - with our Cali you are always making a good choice.

  • availalble in sizes 17" to 20" (with 0.5" steps)

  • different design options

  • leather: darkbrown or black

  • seat in half-deep, flat and extra-flat

  • Optional: Vari-girthing

  • Optional: Comfort-seat

HT Cali

Preis: 2000,-€

HT Cali Girthing
HT Cali skirt
HT Cali Allover
HT Cali rolls
HT Cali Front
HT Cali Ansicht hinten
HT Cali Logo

Was unsere Partner zum "Cali" sagen:

"Der Cali ist ein sehr bequemer Sattel, der langbeinigen Reitern viel Platz bietet. Die breite Pausche erlaubt es, die Steigbügellänge zu variieren und macht den Sattel damit zu einem Allrounder für Platzarbeit, Gelände und Springstunde." (Franziska, Edinburgh)

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