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Model selection and sizes

Choosing the right model depends on two main elements: The discipline you want to use the saddle for and your "bottom-feeling". Riders have very different expectations: Some like to sit "snuggled in", other like to have space around them to move and change seat position.

Saddles should not be bought because of optics but just because it suits both of you - horse and rider!

Elaborate trials are essential for your choice of a model.

With regard to the right size it is not only your (clothes) size which is important but also you shape and the length of your femure. Riders with long legs (and femures) need more space and might feel better with a further backwards stirrup position.

The following table gives an overview about sizes. Please be aware that these sizes mirror the average relying on our experiences. You might need a different size.

Please also refer to the descriptions of the different models. We mention if a saddle is usually suitable for riders with long legs or not.

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