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Our approach

When riders delevop saddles for riders they prioritise function in front of everything else. HT saddles are designed to allow and even enforce the best possible connection between rider and horse. What makes HT saddles so special is the fabulous clearance to allow the horse to move without restrictions, the optimized weight distribution and the outstanding adaptability and flexibility of the system.

With this approach in mind it is clear what HT saddles will not provide:

  • "Seat prothesis" - Close contact which fixes the position

  • huge knee rolls (blocking the thigh)

  • Any advertising claims about shoulder clearance  (because every saddle should provide it!)

  • straight cut panels

  • Changeable gullets (HT saddles to not have a gullet and do not need one!)


But we provide:

  • Functional saddles

  • Tridimensional moveability (like horse and rider)

  • Outstanding clearance for the spine, the long back muscle and the trapecius

  • almost limitless flexibility and adaptability

  • freedom of movement for horse and rider

  • support for an independent and anatomically correct posture


The design of the HT leather tree saddles encourages the "aid-free" communication between rider and horse because the tridimensionally flexible leather tree allows more body language coming through from the horse to the rider and back. In the beginning with an HT saddle this moveability can be a challenge for the rider, but in the long run is provides the base for modern and horse-friendly horse-riding with smallest aids.

The HT approach - for saddles which are different!

HT saddles have all the proven benefits known for leathertree saddles: They are highly flexible and adapt by themselves, do not have a gullet and offer an outstanding adaptability by individually usable velcro panels.

Additionally, HT saddles have further invaluable advantages raising out of their development, design and functionality.

It might sound simple but one of our biggest strengths is the fact that "HT saddles" is made in team work and that all team members are riders. At HT we have representatives of all disciplines from modern dressage and Jumping via classica dressage, endurance or trekking to Western and more. HT saddles are developed from practice for practice and must meet the highest expectations - our expectations!

Feedback and customer requests are highly appreciated and become part of the input for new developments.

Almost all our team members are equine professionals for many years - working with riders and horses in different fields of expertise. Have a look on our introduction page for "our fitting specialists" to find out more about there knowledge and experience in physiotherapy, osteopathy, training and a lot more.


Talking about unique features the newly invented shape of the panels has to be mentioned: The special "trapezius-cut" provides an outstanding clearance for the trapezius muscle in the wither area. This does not only allow more intensive and better muscle activity but also supports a stable panel position on the horse back. The extra big panel area supports a fabulous weight distribution and makes ridden work more comfortable for the horse.

A lot of saddle companies talk about "shoulder clearance". We think shoulder clearance is a matter of course and not worth to be mentioned. A saddle which doesnt provide enough space for the shoulder to move unrestrictedly can never be called "fitting".

Highlighting the shoulder clearance as a unique feature is as if a car manufacturer emphasizes that their car has four wheels when sold. Not worth to mention, isn't it?


Our second unique feature is the Vari-girthing - HT exclusive!

The Vari-girthing allows several different variants of girthing and can be changed easily and without tools. It only takes a few quick steps to change from a double-V-girthing to a single V-girthing with one front strap, two single straps or a single-V with one back strap. The front strap position can be additionally fixed at the saddle.

Have you ever seen a saddle providing more flexibility?

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