• Dressage saddle with slight forecut (VSD)

  • extra wide knee patch

  • modern cut with an extra of style

  • with HT trapezius cut panels

  • modern HT Vari-girthing

  • support all kind of riders with regard to leg length

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Our Willow is a genuine Allrounder. The big dressage flap with an extra wide knee patch allows to play with the stirrup length: Wether classical dressage lesson or a fast hack - you are well-prepared with our Willow model! 

First trials showed that the design caters for all kind of riders and supports extra long legs as good as short legs (and all lengths in between).

This modern VSD saddle comes with our practical and extremely flexible HT Vari-girthing and our popular HT trapezius cut panels.

  • availalbe in sizes 17" to 20" (in 0.5" steps)

  • different design options

  • leather: darkbrown and black

  • seat half-deep and deep

  • Optional: Comfort-seat

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Preis: 2100,-€

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